Baby Val, Jeremy Wade & Julian Weber

DE, Berlin



Intercourse is a charged embodied duet between Jeremy Wade and Julian Weber. Very alive, somewhat rough and at times very messy this is a practice of becoming hypersensitive to the possibilities of reciprocal exchange. Fueled by sound, the presence of an audience, Jeremy and Julian commit to dancing together without props or text.

This is the business of communication. Business is good, optimised even, they are traveling at many different speeds, multiple lines of flight crisscross in an emotional event, acting and reacting to multiple forms of stimuli. Exploring the notion of intercourse through its different levels and connotations, from civic and domestic logistics to intimate queer physicality. They are opening up to an expanded understanding of sexuality; they are blurring hierarchies between human and non-human bodies, they are moving through a thick space while contemplating fucking and being fucked by everything.

Intercourse also comes with lots of miss-communication, miss-understanding, bad sex and sometimes even dark magic. Wade and Weber work to come to terms with the paradox’s inherent in love, friendship and collaboration. The sharp knife of loving someone more than they loved you. The confusion and sometimes tender trembling that occurs at the edge of being. Intercourse is a practice of making our psychic interrelations that pass from body to body (human and otherwise) visible, felt and heard in an impossible dance of communion.

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