Camilla Sparksss

CH, Lugano


Live act


On The Camper Records

The outcome is a lo-fi physical experience, with a heavy electro pop noise sound. Imagine “Beat it” by Michael Jackson, slowed down, distorted and sung by a shark. This is Camilla Sparksss.

Born in August 2012, Camilla Sparks is the fantasy ego of Barbara Lehnho from Swiss Canadian art punk band Peter Kernel. Barbara was born at -27 C° on the 17th of December 1983 from a swiss mother and a german father in Kenora (Ontario, Canada).

She grew up amongst indian reserves on the Great Lakes of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. At the time radios were playing Michael Jackson, The Police, Bonnie Tyler, Culture Club and “Sweet dreams” by Eurythmics. Music that went straight through the umbilical cord. Hot on the inside and cold on the outside.

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