(MusicFor) Eggplant




(MusicFor)Eggplant is an experimental group of generative warts & warps that fights against repetition through a collective and interactive approach of music, visuals & performances, whose radical function is to constantly produce and record, with devices that change each time, as a repeated crash test according to multiple variations.

It is a question of stretching the temporal dimension; of producing a continual generic editing; of committing crimes against pirate codes and re-writings, sources and interpretations, and of undergoing continuous dissolution. First, we are a 8 members group or collective or even sectarian mash up of wierdos.

Second, we are freaky, we do long duration performances, based on things, or gestures, or even scripts, musically and in live video too. Third, we always wonder to do big collaboration stuff with many other artists and kind of forms. We also love horror stories.

by & with: Ayling John Chaï, Ayling Jaz, Barret Emile, Barret Paul, Demina Regina, Faure Raphaël, Ricca Robert, Savoy Tristan

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