Nadia Struiwigh

NL, Amsterdam


Live act


Denovali, DFA Records

Sitting somewhere between Biosphere and Boards of Canada, Struiwigh’s refined downtempo electronica takes you on a journey full of synthesized soundscapes that flirt with ambient techno.

Nadia Struiwigh is a DJ and electronic producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. In 2009 the Dutch Nadia started to focus more on the dance scene, folksy electronic bands and artists like Enya, The Verve, some early stuff of Coldplay, Boards of Canada, Kraftwerk, Monolake, and Extrawelt inspired her to start DJing and producing at the same time.

‘The output of my emotions, and telling stories with my sets filled with tracks of others works as an inspiration for my own productions’. For someone who is just in her early 20’s she has a very mature and original style of both deejaying and producing. The sets are variable between energetic melodic techno, with different kind of energy levels.

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