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Gessnerallee Zürich is a prime venue for the production and presentation of works in the performing arts, both nationally and internationally.

As a platform for productions from Switzerland and abroad, organizer of thematic events set between science and art, as well as a curator of international festivals, Gessnerallee also features as co-producer of select projects. Its programme reflects a love of experimentation, innovative forms of performance, relaxed cross-over formats , yet always pursuing high quality standards. Through all of this, Gessnerallee has become a central place of encounter for a broad, culturally interested audience of any gender, age, status, nationality or religion. The theatre is open to all genres of the performing arts, and while it especially welcomes Zurich based collectives, it also invites other Swiss and international groups.

Backslash’s new home

This year, the festival will have an entirely new configuration: While the values, the aims of the programming and the spirit in which we work remain unchanged,, the festival will undergo many structural changes for the 2018 edition, owed to the new space that will naturally give place to a collaboration with the team of the Gessnerallee. Forward-thinking electronic music will prominently remain at the centre of the event, but it will be embedded in a broader, more encompassing way, with a multitude of points of view allowing an artistic, but also sociological and political approach for a more comprehensive overall experience.

Beyond logistical and technical advantages, the underlying idea of this co-production with the Gessnerallee is to allow for a larger-scale event and to combine the expertise of the two structures to present a varied, accessible and demanding programme in the performing and visual arts as well as in music, while at the same time offering reception conditions that meet professional standards, both for artists and for the public.

Despite the very fruitful collaboration we had with the Provitreff team during the first two editions of the festival, we started looking for a new venue to further grow and develop the project according to our vision. Indeed, from its first edition, the festival had reached a critical size with the venue being at its maximum capacity. Also, not being able to present a continuous program due to the time required for scene changes proved to be problematic. With the Gessnerallee as our new home, we are convinced to have found an excellent opportunity to give life to several spaces at once, each with its own programme, and to have an adequate infrastructure for both our artists as well as our guests.

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