“Techno and Politics: Beyond Bassiani”


In May 2018, police raided multiple clubs in Tbilisi under the pretense of action against drugs, using excessive force against workers and guests. This sparked a two-day long protest in front of Georgia’s parliament. The club that became synonymous with the protest was Bassiani. This talk will take a closer look at the social movement with one of the co-founders of Bassiani. Furthermore, we’ll discuss Techno’s political potential, and how it can be harnessed for good; be it in Georgia, Zurich, or any other place in the world.

Tato Getia, co-founder Bassiani (Tbilisi)
Nicola Kazimir, Mikro, Les Points (Zurich)
Marc Schwegler, zweikommasieben, Präsens Editionen (Lucerne)
Tara Hill, DJ, music journalist (Basel)

Bjørn Schaeffner, music journalist at various, ROOF FM (Bern/Zurich)

Saturday 17:00 – 18:30, free entry, no registration required.

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