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Backslash Video Art Exhibition: Lost at Last #2

Backslash’s identity is interdisciplinary in nature: Apart from manifold sonic bliss, stirring performances and a rather busy day programme, a substantial space of our venue will be dedicated to video art where we are happily hosting the following artists:

Franziska Baumgartner (CH, 1987) Niklaus Bein (CH, 1990) & Anna Froelicher (CH, 1989) Nicolle Bussien (CH, 1991) Lana Čmajčanin (BiH, 1983) _COAST^  [Jérémie (CH, 1985) & Paul (FR, 1989)]   Veronika Eberhart (AUT, 1982) Gabriel René Franjou (FR/US, 1996) Vanessa Gageos (ROM, 1989) Jannik Giger (CH, 1985) Esteban Lanter (CH/PER, 1986), Noémie Praz (CH, 1992) Philipp Ritler (CH, 1994) & Kezia Zurbrügg (CH, 1993) Anna Rubi (HUN, 1988) & Eirini Sourgiadaki (GRE, 1981) Sir Taki (CH, 1988) Remy Ugarte Vallejos (BOL/CH, 1993) Rudi Van der Merwe (AFS, 1977) Marc Vilanova (ESP, 1991).

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