Second Wave of Announcements

Complementing the currently announced lineup, the second wave of artists has been added to the Backslash Festival 2018 roster.

To put it bluntly: We are thrilled to have Giant Swan joining our ranks. The Bristol-based duo’s relentless post-punk techno is, according to Resident Advisor, pushing them into a league of their own. According to us, this is correct.

Heavy electro pop noise sound is Camilla Sparksss’ field of expertise: Hot on the inside and cold on the outside, while MM – the physical self of IOKOI – of Zurich’s gem-boutique -OUS is said to be electronically loaded and organically animated. A notion picked up by the performance Dark Field Analysis’ callings upon the intensity of being alive that blends with synthetic, human with animal and material with ethereal.

Non-conformist and incorruptible, Kashev Tapes’ Raw Shan and Jolly are certainly not wilfully catering to a broader audience – which is exactly why you should let them break your expectations. Similarly, Nitrate Es tends to please the open-minded, dark souls looking for things off the beaten path (possibly including the harshest of beats, notwithstanding).

Next up are two members of the seminal, genre-shaping label Lustpoderosa: Jack Pattern’s LDR and Siegwart are both veritable masters in the craft of DJing. Artful yet energetic as if there was no tomorrow – something which, by the same token, could be said about long-time vinylist Sky Captain complementing the musical lineup.

Lastly, adequately unwieldy performances by Jeremy Wade & Julian Weber as well as HARI & LUTZ are joining our programme, bending and challenging the boundaries between music and performance.

Second Wave of Announcements:

Camilla Sparksss (live) [Glad We Met]
Dark Field Analysis (performance)
Giant Swan (live) [Mannequin]
HARI & LUTZ (performance)
Jeremy Wade & Julian Weber (performance)
Jolly [Kashev Tapes]
LDR [Lustpoderosa]
MM (live) [-OUS]
Nitrate [000-000]
Raw Shan [Kashev Tapes]
Siegwart [Lustpoderosa]
Sky Captain

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